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  • Do you sing at Funerals?
    Yes we do for more information click here
  • Do you sing at Weddings?
    Yes we do for more information click here
  • What do you wear?
    We have the following uniform options ​ WHITE DRESSES Suited best for Weddings, and more formal performances Ladies: White dresses Men: Black trousers, white shirt and black ties or Bowties ​ SMART ALL BLACK Smart all Black best suited for funerals L: All Black Skirts knee / Trousers/ Dress, Heels. Black top M: All black trousers, black shirt, black tie, black shoes (No trainers) ​ RETRO ALL BLACK: All Black urban retro look suitable for TV recordings, music videos, ​L: Retro/ Urban M: Retro / Urban BLACK SEQUIN DRESSES Best suited for Concerts, Corporate events, Evening receptions L: Black floor length sequin dresses M: Black suits with white shirt, black tie or bowtie black polo necks CHOIR ROBES: Best suited for Weddings, Funerals, TV Choir robes Purple or white Choir robes - These incur a hire cost of £39.99 per robe + delivery costs. Do contact us to discuss your requirements. ​ GOLD CHOIR ROBES: Best suited for Retro party events, Corporate events & parties OTHER UNIFORM OPTIONS: Provided by client: You may have more specific requests and provide uniform this includes branded T-shirts or uniforms. We will liase with you regarding your requirements. Please get in contact to discuss your requirements some examples provided below. ​
  • Will we need a PA (Microphones, etc)?"
    Depends on the venue size, and event type please contact us to discuss. Most Weddings and funerals we would not require any additional equipment. We are able to provide a small PA for upto 6 singers and a accompanist but this does incur an additional cost for equipment hire. This is suitable for small venues. Please to get in contact with us so we can give you more specific advice. For large venues outdoor performances, corporate events, Theatre performances and large scale events we recommend that the organiser should source and provide a PA suitable for the event and our performance We will provide our technical rider of our technical requirments for your specific event. We will support and provide all the information required and liase with the PA company / sound engineers to ensure you event runs perfect.
  • ​​​​What time will you arrive?​
    We generally arrive 1hr 30mins - 2hrs beforehand to allow enough time to Setup, run through get dressed before your Guests arrive. However for corporate events / TV / Recordings we will liase with you directly to confirm call times soundcheck times etc.
  • Will you help us choose music for our event​​?
    Yes, we can offer advice and support in finding the perfect music for you event. We also have a team of vocal arrangers, musicians, songwriters and producers in our team so are happy to provide a more complex music support which maybe required for TV sessions, Studio recordings, commercial and advertising work. This does incur additional costs
  • Will you helps us with the lyrics for orders of service​?
    Yes, we will send lyrics to you in a word document that you / graphic designer / printers can easily add to order of services. For Caribbean interment services we have a internment song sheet we can email this to you directly to organise printing it includes songs like "I fly away", "Soon and very Soon", etc.
  • What songs do you sing? Do you have a song list?
    We have a list of commonly requested songs. If there is a song you would like us to sing that is not on the list please do let us know we are happy to learn it. There may be an additional cost. You can view our song suggestions list if you click here. We also have arrangers, musicians, songwriters and Producers in our team so are happy to provide a more music support which is usual for TV sessions, Studio recordings and commercial and advertising work. This does incur additional costs
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